Your ultimate guide to renting a van with unlimited mileage

Drive unlimited miles in a Greenvans rental van

Planning an epic road trip and don’t want to have sticker shock at the price of a rental van? For those covering a lot of ground, an unlimited mileage policy might be right for you. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about 15-passenger van rental unlimited mileage packages so you won’t spend more than you want to.

Unlimited mileage: What does it mean?

Unlimited mileage means you can drive as many miles as you want without incurring extra fees. For example, if you’reThose planning to drive to Miami from Boston or New York or families hitting the road for a cross-country adventure will benefit from unlimited mileage with their rental van.

Many rental companies put a limit on miles per day. This is in an effort to control the heavy wear and tear that extensive drives can have on a vehicle. For each additional mile driven over the provided limit, there will be a charge. 

Greenvans includes 300 miles per day with our 15-passenger van rentals. That’s approximately the distance from our office in Providence to our office outside Philadelphia. Each mile over the 300-mile limit costs $0.39. 

If an allowance of 300 miles isn’t enough, you can opt to upgrade to an unlimited mileage package. When booking online, you’ll have the option to choose unlimited mileage as an add-on if you’re renting a van for 10 days or less. Similarly, if you’re renting by phone, your friendly customer service rep will offer you the option to purchase the add-on.

Rent your 15-passenger van rental with an unlimited mileage package

Benefits of renting a van with unlimited mileage

If the word “limited” gives you the chills, perhaps an unlimited mileage package is worth the investment. Here are a few benefits to lifting the restriction on miles:

Flexibility with unlimited mileage

Experience the true freedom that comes on an open road with no finish line. Skip the overnight that would otherwise be required on a drive from Boston to Washington, D.C., and opt for a lunch break in Princeton instead. Navigate the Eastern seaboard without the stress of per-mile charges and unexpected fees.

Unplanned itineraries

One of the highlights of a road trip is the unknown. You never know what you might stumble upon behind the wheel! Give yourself the opportunity to take that unexpected detour to explore an unfamiliar place that wasn’t on the original itinerary. Sudden craving for crabs? Unlimited miles means that on your way south, you can stop in Baltimore for a seafood feast without tacking on unwanted fees.

Potential for savings

Traveling in a single van might be more economical than using multiple cars for two reasons: gas and parking. 

  • Gas: Filling up one tank isn’t just less costly in terms of dollars, it also saves you time. Who wants to wait around at the gas station until all the cars in your caravan have filled their tanks? Greenvans 15-passenger rental vans are known for their fuel-efficiency, holding 25 gallons of gas and boasting 19 miles per gallon, excellent stats for a vehicle of this size.
  • Parking: Parking is another cost consideration. Finding a place for everyone to park is hassle enough, so why pay multiple parking meters to top it off? With one 15-passenger van rental, there is only one vehicle to park, and one parking fee to pay.
Church youth groups need transportation to events
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Who typically needs a van rental with unlimited mileage? 

Groups traveling for 10 days or less with plans to cover a lot of ground will benefit from a van rental with no cap on mileage. A family trip to Disney World in Orlando from Philly is 2,00 miles, one way. Unlimited mileage will cover your return home. 

Families and large groups (like church groups or community organizations) taking long trips

Planning a family trip to Miami? Driving to a concert in Nashville? Is your church youth group going to summer camp in a neighboring state? Now, you can detour to different sites along the way with no limits on your miles.

Industries that require frequent travel

If you’re a musician, photographer, or event planner who needs to travel frequently between venues, give yourself a buffer with unlimited mileage.

Moving houses

Moving furniture and boxes to your new home requires multiple trips. Unlimited mileage can save you money.

Corporate outings

Corporate outings often have strict budgets. Prepare for spontaneous itinerary changes and no unwanted extra mile fees. Protect yourself with an unlimited mileage package.

What is Greenvans’ 15-passenger van rental policy for unlimited mileage? 

The average rental car mileage per day is between 100 and 200 miles. A rental from Greenvans includes 300 miles per day, far surpassing the average. 

Still, 300 miles isn’t always enough. Our van rental unlimited mileage package comes at a flat fee of $250 for rentals of 10 days or less.

15-passenger rental vans are great for groups

Frequently asked questions about renting a 15-passenger van with unlimited mileage

What does “unlimited mileage” mean in the context of a 15-passenger van rental? 

Unlimited mileage with a 15-passenger van rental means you can drive beyond the 300 mile-a-day limit without being hit with the $0.39 per mile fee. 

Are there any additional charges on 15-passenger van rentals with unlimited mileage? 

Greenvans doesn’t charge any additional mileage payments on 15-passenger van rentals with unlimited mileage beyond a flat fee of $250.

How does the booking process work for 15-passenger van rentals with unlimited mileage? 

The booking process with Greenvans is easy: you can reserve online or call our offices. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to our booking page.
  • Choose your rental location.
  • For rentals of 10 days or less, you will have an option to add an “extra”.
  • Add the unlimited mileage package.

The $250 fee will be added to the total cost of your rental.

What fuel policy is available for a rental van?

Greenvans doesn’t offer fuel policies for our rental vans. All we ask is that you return the van with a full tank, just as you received it. If the tank is less than full, we’ll charge a flat rate to fill it up.

Get all the miles you need with a 15-passenger rental van with Greenvans!  


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