Man standing outside a Greenvans 15-passenger rental taking pictures of the mountainside


There are lots of reasons why we travel – and even more reasons why we travel together.

The shared experience of travel brings people together. Togetherness is something we’re all searching for. We’re social animals. Doing things together makes us feel BETTER. It makes us feel safer, loved, understood, and it certainly makes things more fun. 

We started Greenvans 14 years ago with one passenger van and a half-baked idea to rent it to our friends. We set out to support and grow our small world of passionate, dedicated touring musicians – a group of people brought together by a shared love of adventure, artistic expression, and a search for freedom in travel. 

It wasn’t easy work, but we grew our small idea into a van rental company with a lot more vans and a lot more dedicated customers who depend on us for safe, reliable, consistently excellent 15 passenger van rentals in Philadelphia, Providence, New York, and Richmond – and impeccable service to back it all up.

We’ve worked hard to translate the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from renting vans to touring bands into a set of values that serve the diverse needs of all of our customers.

Ultimately, our fundamental driving principle is trust: we have committed ourselves to building a team and company that you can trust and depend on because we know how much that matters.

Why do we do this?

We know firsthand that passenger van rentals are vessels for new adventures and life-changing experiences. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to seek out these adventures with maximum confidence and minimum hassle. 

Making that happen for you is what we’re about.

Side view of two Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit 350 XLT rental vans with Greenvans logo.
A man standing outside of a Greenvans 15 passenger van taking pictures of the mountains
Curbside rental van delivery at airport
Two chicken burritos on table next to two cut limes
16,000,000 Miles Traveled

Our customers have put millions of miles on our vans. And each one was worry-free.

8,000 Total Rentals

We’ve worked with thousands of amazing people—and can’t wait to work with thousands more.

3,500 Curbside airport deliveries

Making traveling convenient for you.

1,501 Burritos Consumed

When you deliver vans to every corner of North America, you find the best burrito joints.

Why Rent from Us?


Nobody rents a 15-passenger van for the love of renting a van. You rent a van when you’re hitting the road for a new experience and we want that experience to be perfect. 

That’s why, from the moment you reach out to us for a quote to the moment you put your van in park for the last time, we make sure everything is smooth, simple and seamless. 

That’s why we don’t think of what we do as customer service, but more like true partnership.


We do one thing and we do it exceptionally well. We rent one type of van – The Ford Transit Medium Roof XLT 350 15 passenger van –  because we believe it to be the best, most versatile passenger van model on the market:

We built our knowledge for all things passenger vans out of our own personal experience on the road as touring musicians. We learned what was important in a van rental experience, we learned what matters to those in need of van rentals, and we learned to understand what our customers are REALLY looking for. Then we figured out the best way to deliver exactly that.  

We’re a business built around the unique needs of small group travel. 

Consider us passenger van rental experts, because we are.


We’re not a huge rental company. We’re a few friends with a fleet of vans who love what we do. The thing that matters to us most is that we create a great experience for you from the first quote we send to the end of your trip because we know how important it is to be treated with respect and empathy – whether you’re a touring band or not. 

We value great experiences – our goal is to help you have one of your own. 

Believe it or not, we’re not here to do what’s easiest for us. We’re problem solvers – there’s nothing that drives us more (pun intended) than working hard to figure out the most creative way to do whatever we can to make your life easier. That’s exciting to us. It’s why we do what we do, and it motivates us to find new ways to get better at what we do.


We do everything with you online in advance. No surprises the day you come to get your van. The van you reserve is the van you get. 

Make your tour van our problem, not yours. 

Do what you do best: Play shows. Go camping. Play Soccer. Show up to your competition. Embark on your church mission trip. Move your crew to where you need them. Let us do what we do best and get you in a van you’ll never have to worry about.

We truly mean it when we say “we make it easy to make memories.”  Your success is a win for us.

The quality & service you’re looking for is right here.