10 Church events that require a 15-passenger van rental

Nothing says “divine protection” like a well-kept 15-passenger van with all the latest safety features, and that’s why renting one is ideal for your next church event. Whether you’re transporting choir members to a performance or a youth group to the campground, a few options are as roomy and reliable as a 15-passenger church van rental.

Things to consider before renting a van for your next church event

Securing the proper church van rental should be as smooth as that first sip of wine at communion. Use the following pointers to determine which vehicle will fulfill all your travel needs.

Ask yourself the following questions to narrow your church van rental options list. 

  • How many people are in the group?
  • How much equipment or luggage needs to be transported?
  • How many days will transportation be required for?
  • What kind of distance will we cover?
  • Is there a church van rental near me?

A 15-passenger church van is an excellent method of transportation for groups of 15 people or less. For larger groups, consider renting multiple vans to ensure everyone travels comfortably and arrives together.

Make sure you understand the rental agreement terms and conditions

All van rental agencies have their own set of rules and regulations for church van rentals. Before signing the dotted line, carefully review the rental agreement to fully understand:

  • What’s Included: What does the daily rental fee cover? Are there any additional costs for mileage, insurance, or other services?
  • Mileage Policies: Is there a mileage limit? If so, what are the fees for exceeding it?
  • Additional Fees: Are there any extra fuel, toll, or cleaning charges?
  • Road Responsibilities: This might include rules for parking, driver age restrictions, or procedures in case of accidents.
  • Emergency Contacts: Who should you contact in case of a breakdown or other emergency?

Explore different types and sizes of vans 

Choosing the right van might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s breeze through the various church van rental options and find the perfect fit for your needs.


A minivan is a decent option for smaller groups of 6 – 7 people with no bags or equipment. It’s not as spacious as a passenger van but will get you from point A to B.

12-passenger van

Groups of up to 11 passengers will enjoy the plush seats and extra room in a 12-passenger van. That’s because a 12-passenger van has the same chassis as a 15-passenger van but is configured to seat 11 riders by removing the back row of seats. This leaves lots of cargo space in the back to fit luggage or event gear.

Have 12 people? We can leave one extra seat in the back to welcome everyone.

15-passenger van

For ultimate comfort, space, and versatility, a 15-passenger church van can’t be beat. If you’re traveling with more equipment than people, up to two rows of seats can be removed to accommodate everything. If you need more seats than suitcases, 15 people will fit comfortably in the van. The 6-ft high roof allows the riders to stretch their legs, and the cushiony seats are perfect for on-the-road naps.

Need more convincing? Here are the 10 commandments – oops, we mean 10 church events – that require a 15-passenger van rental.

Take your church choir to their next concert in a comfy passenger van.
Photo by Omar Flores for Unsplash

1. Choir or music ministry tours

Transporting musicians or choir members to a music venue, church, or concert hall? Arrive in style in a sleek 15-passenger church van with space in the back for the equipment you need to ensure an unforgettable show.  

2. Mission trips and service projects

Looking for your congregation to serve the community? A fleet of 15-passenger church vans equipped with towing hitches is a perfect solution. Whether it’s a mission trip for nurses bringing medical supplies or a service project for carpenters hauling construction materials, your group can comfortably make a meaningful impact.

3. Youth group outings and retreats

Encouraging teens to spend time with a service-based social network requires exciting outings and enticing retreats? Whether volunteering at an animal shelter or teaching disadvantaged children to read, you’ll need a reliable and secure way to transport your church’s youth group. A 15-passenger van fits up to 14 students, a manageable number for one adult driver.

4. Church camping or outdoor events

Encourage bonding within your congregation and get everyone outside! A picnic, barbecue, or weekend at one of the best places to camp across the country is a surefire way to create long-lasting relationships and spark camaraderie between churchgoers. Renting a spacious 15-passenger van ensures you can comfortably transport everyone involved, including any necessary equipment or supplies.

5. Volunteer transportation for outreach programs

Are you managing volunteer transportation for an upcoming outreach program? Instead of relying on church members to bring their own vehicles, rent 15-passenger vans. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with properly maintained vehicles that are spacious, clean, and come with 24/7 on-call assistance if you need it.

6. Senior adult group outings

Provide the utmost comfort and security to the wiser members of your congregation by securing a 15-passenger church van for transport to the events they love. Organize dance lessons, musical concerts, and afternoons at the museum with the peace of mind that comes with a reliable vehicle. 

With extra space to enter and exit and a convenient power sliding door, seniors won’t feel cramped or overwhelmed traveling in this large vehicle. 

7. Large group transportation for conferences or seminars

You don’t want to show up to a conference on a school bus. A 15-passenger van is a sophisticated way to transport groups of professionals to large-scale events like church leadership conferences or ministry development seminars.

8. Transportation for church sports teams or leagues

Does your church have a softball team or dance troupe? When it’s time to head to games or competitions, a 15-passenger church van rental will make transportation easy. Fit both the riders and their sports equipment with a 12 or 8 seat van configuration, which leaves plenty of cargo space in the back. Athletes will appreciate the temperature control and cushiony seats before and after facing the competition. 

9. Field trips for preschool and school-age daycare children

Many churches moonlight as preschools and daycare centers, often planning fun field trips for the students. If you’re one of them, check out our 15-passenger church van rentals for your next school outing! It’s the perfect method of transportation for young kids – everyone will be in sight and buckled up, which can be a challenge with a school bus rental. 

It’s also a great way to bond with your riders, as the smaller chassis of a 15-passenger van encourages conversation and on-the-road games. Some entertainment ideas can be found in our 30 road trip essentials to add to your packing list

10. Multi-church collaborations

Great things happen when congregations get together for community service or ministry strategizing. Encourage more members of your church to join in on the collaborative events you work so hard to organize by offering comfortable transportation to each site. People will be much more likely to participate if the logistics, like driving and parking, are taken care of. 

Frequently asked questions about renting a van for your church events

Here are the most common questions asked before our clients rent 15-passenger vans.

How many people fit in a 15-passenger van?

15 people, including the driver, fit comfortably in our 15-passenger vans. The van can also be configured to accommodate groups of 8, 11, and 12 riders with luggage or equipment by removing the back row of seats or 2 at no extra charge.

What type of licensing or insurance is required to rent a church van? 

No special license or insurance is needed to rent a 15-passenger church van apart from a standard Class E driver’s license and proof of insurance. 

No insurance? We’ve got you covered. We have 4 temporary rental coverage packages available for purchase.Remember that each US state has its own age limitations for rental vehicle drivers. Check out our guide to rental vans and cars age limits.

Can the church van rental be used for long-distance travel or only local trips?

You can use a church rental van to drive any distance! As long as you keep it within the limits of the United States and Canada, you’re at liberty to drive whenever you want.

Renting a church van just got easier! Get your free van rental quote today. 


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