Finding inner peace at the outer banks this fall

Atlantic Ocean beach at sunrise

No one quite knew what to expect from Summer 2021. But halfway in, it’s pretty clear.

Rental vans and cars are impossible to find or impossible to afford. Flights are overbooked, under-staffed or canceled altogether. Beaches are crowded, rooms are scarce, traffic is a living, breathing nightmare.

With everyone scrambling to get out of the house, making a summer vacation plan is no easy task. And as the days and weeks go by—and the crowds begin to thin out and the madness starts to settle down—a September/October vacation starts making more and more sense.

And where better to hit the beach this Fall than the Outer Banks in North Carolina?

Just hop into one of our Ford Transit rental vans, hit the road and let the good times commence.



Unless 18 holes of golf in 98-degree heat is your idea of fun (and it isn’t), a mid-September trip to the Outer Banks offers an ideal golfing getaway. Choose from barrier island links courses or modern inland courses to find the best views, best challenges and best cuisine.

The best part? You’ll be doing it all in weather that rarely tops the mid-upper 70’s.

Fisherman on Portsmouth Island shortly after sunrise



All our Ford Transit 15-passenger van rentals come equipped with a tow hitch (perfect for towing a boat) and eco-boost turbo (perfect for towing a boat without feeling like you’re towing a boat).

And if drum, croaker, trout, weakfish, spot, mackerel or pompano aren’t your thing, September and October are perfect months for fishing bluefish.



Whether you’re teaching your little ones how to swing or bonding with your buddies, the Poconos are a golfer’s paradise. From small private clubs to sprawling resort systems, there are plenty of courses and practice spaces to choose from and plenty of fun to be had.



Looking for a fine-dining experience you can have in flip-flops? A romantic dinner at sunset? A brewery with a playground?The Outer Banks has world-class chefs, exceptional service and unforgettable food. Treat yourself to international fare and local specialties alike and develop a true taste for North Carolina.



The Great Pandemic Rebound of 2021 has made summer trips overpriced, over-booked and overwhelming. For an experience of a lifetime that doesn’t drain your entire savings account, Fall travel is where it’s at.

Ford has re-opened its factory and the luxury vans we’ve been waiting for since April are rolling out once again. And with them, rental prices are finally leveling off.

So, while this summer may be a wash, it’s still the perfect time to plan a Fall trip to the Outer Banks. The first step? Renting one of our 8-, 12- or 15-passenger Ford Transit rental vans—and making sure you get there in luxury.


But if you’re thinking about heading out there, do yourself a favor and start planning today. It all starts with choosing the right vehicle.

Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit 350 XLT for rent with Greenvans.


The quality & service you’re looking for is right here.

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