Disney or Bust!

View of a Disney park at dusk
It can be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. A yearly tradition. A return to childhood or a first peek at an exciting new world. Whatever the case, Disney World makes for a pitch-perfect family vacation. And with the right insight—and right transport—you and your family will be sure to make some amazing memories.


1. Time it right.

Summer is hot (like, hot). Holiday weekends are crowded. School vacations are a zoo. So when planning your family trip to Disney, plan carefully.

Toward the end of August and through September, the crowds have died down, the weather is a bit cooler and pleasant evenings provide the perfect chance to enjoy the park’s “magic hours.”


2. Plan ahead. And plan on new
pandemic regulations.

From getting tickets in advance to making dinner reservations to making sure everyone’s on the same page, thinking ahead can make all the difference in the world.

And with the pandemic still out there, you can count on plenty of rules and regulations to watch out for. There are face masks to bring, attendance limits to keep your eye on and reservations to be made. So make sure you do the research and plan ahead.


3. Look out for deals.

Buying park tickets at the right time. Taking advantage of group passes. Comparing hotel rates. It’s all part of keeping the magic of Disney within budget.

  1. Look for deals everywhere. And consider using a ticket broker. You may be able to save big on admission, entertainment and just about everything else.


4. Enjoy the journey.

Your large van rental gives you a luxurious space to reconnect with the family, take in the scenery and make the most out of your road trip. Though your destination awaits, find fun places to stop and things to do along the way.

Stop at the scenic vista. Eat at the weird restaurant. Smell the roses.


5. Prepare for personal space.

Family vacations can be life-affirming—and stressful. Staying flexible, understanding everyone’s wants and needs and building in a little solo, non-family time can go a long way to keeping spirits up and blood pressures down.


6. Don’t underestimate the Florida weather.

Long lines + Florida sun = potential agony. Regardless of when you’re planning to take your trip to Disney World, it’s a good idea to check out the weather and prep accordingly. Bringing the right shoes, wearing sunscreen and buying ponchos for unexpected rainstorms can all help ensure a comfortable stay free of callouses and sunburns.


A trip to Disney can be game-changing. But it can also be nerve-wracking. Renting a passenger van to travel and goof around in will give you and your family total comfort. And taking the time to plan ahead will ensure that the memories you make will be ones you want to remember!

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