A budget van rental checklist for your next vacation

Greenvans Ford Transit passenger vans available for budget rental

Hotels booked? Check. Time off request accepted? Check. Suitcases packed? Check. Having a checklist makes life easier, and it’s no different with your budget van rental. 

Wait a minute, you might be thinking…”budget” van rental? Does an affordable passenger van even exist?

What makes for a “budget van rental”?

Budget van rentals do exist—you just have to know where to find them! In fact, hiring a van can often help you save both money and time. How? Well, think about it this way: With a rental van, you’ll avoid delayed or canceled flights, overpriced rideshares, and paying too much in gas and parking for multiple cars.

What to know about van pre-rental charges

Each rental agency will have its own set of pre-rental charges. Here’s what you can expect, including the specific policies when renting with Greenvans.

Reservation deposit

You’ll be charged a certain percentage of the total cost to hold your reservation. Greenvans charges 30%, which is fully refundable up to three days before pickup. If you need to cancel within that time frame, the deposit will be credited toward a future rental. 

Security hold

Agencies will place a hold on your credit card as a security deposit. The hold is meant to cover incidentals like fuel charges, cleaning fees, vehicular damage, and mileage overages. Greenvans will place a $500 hold upon pickup. 

Full payment due date

Full payment is due upon pickup. Greenvans offers weekly payment plans for groups renting a passenger van for 30 days or longer.

Mileage charges

Most agencies include a daily mileage limit. Greenvans offers 300 free miles daily and charges $0.39 per mile over that limit. If you believe you’ll exceed the limit and your rental is 10 days or less, there’s also an option to purchase an unlimited mileage package before or upon pickup. 


Each rental agency has its own policy about tolls, so it’s best to check directly with them. With Greenvans, you can bring your EZ Pass transponder or opt for our toll-by-plate service. This will cost $4.95 per day of tolls plus the fee of the toll itself.

Insurance costs

If you don’t have personal car insurance, you can purchase a policy through your rental agency. Greenvans offers four insurance packages as add-ons, which can also be bundled into a comprehensive package.

List of possible pre-rental van charges 

Check out this handy checklist to stay organized when it comes to possible pre-rental van charges. 

  • Reservation deposit: $ 
  • Security hold: $
  • Full payment due date: __/__/__
  • Unlimited mileage package: $
  • Pay-by-plate service: $
  • Insurance package: $

Download a printable budget van pre-rental checklist for free!

What to know while picking up your van rental

You’ve handled all the pre-vacation logistics – you’ve made hotel reservations, packed your suitcases, and reserved a budget van rental. When the day finally comes to pick it up, here’s what you’ll need to do to make the process quick, easy, and painless.

Have your documents ready

Bring your reservation confirmation, driver’s license, international driver’s permit if needed, and any other documents the rental company requires, like proof of insurance.

Read through your rental agreement

Review the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. Know the mileage limit, minimum age requirements, and emergency contact information if you need assistance.

Check the van for damages

Take a few moments to inspect the vehicle before driving off, informing the rep of any pre-existing nicks or scrapes.

Get familiar with the van’s features

Understand the different safety features and amenities. Our Ford Transit vans come with Bluetooth connectivity, SiriusXM, and charging ports for your convenience.

Know the fuel policy

We request that our vans be returned just as they’re delivered – with a full gas tank. Ask us where the closest gas station is so you can be prepared on your return.

To-do list on the day of rental

Here’s what to expect on the day of rental. Keep this checklist with you so you don’t forget anything. 

  • Print reservation confirmation
  • Bring a driver’s license 
  • Have an international driver’s permit if needed 
  • Show proof of insurance
  • Read through the rental agreement with the rep
  • Inspect van for damages
  • Get familiar with the van’s features
  • Check the closest gas station for an easy drop-off

Download a printable budget van pick up checklist for free!

Your budget van post-rental checklist

Some post-rental charges are unavoidable. However, there are plenty that are! Here are a few tips to keep costs as low as possible.

Return the van with a full tank of gas

As mentioned, the van rental should be returned with a full gas tank to avoid a fee. Where is the closest gas station to your drop-off location? Pin it to your map when picking up the budget van rental, so filling the tank is a breeze when you drop it off.

Return the van on time

After-hours returns can result in late fees. If something unpredictable holds you up, contact the budget van rental company to give them a heads-up and see the charge. 

Remove all personal belongings from the van

Budget sprinter van rentals, like the Ford Transits that Greenvans rents have lots of interior storage space. Before returning the van, be sure to check under the seats, in the side pockets, and in the glove compartment.

Check for any damages

As you did when picking up the rental, inspect the van upon return. If you find any scratches or damages, ask the rep for an estimated repair cost. Greenvans will allow you to pay directly or submit a claim to insurance. If you purchased a renter’s collision protection, you must pay a $250 deductible. 

Give back any rented equipment or accessories

Some agencies rent extras like phone charges, GPS navigation systems, car toppers, and even trailers. Don’t forget to return these amenities. Otherwise, you’ll be charged!

Ask your rep about any additional mileage charges

If you didn’t purchase an unlimited mileage package, calculate the amount of miles that may have exceeded the daily limit for an idea of any fees coming your way. You can ask your rep for details.

Roadside assistance in case of emergencies

Confirm with your rental agency if roadside assistance will incur any charges. With Greenvans, it’s included in the cost of your rental.

Budget van post-rental checklist

Here’s your checklist to keep track of things post-rental: 

  • Fill the tank before drop off
  • Return the van on time
  • Remove personal items from under seats and compartments
  • Inspect for any damages
  • Give back rented equipment or accessories
  • Check for additional mileage charges
  • Inquire about any possible charges related to roadside assistance

Download a printable budget van post-rental checklist for free!

More ways to save money on the road

Stretch your dollar with a budget van rental

Renting one van instead of multiple cars for your upcoming cross-country road trip saves you money on parking, gas, and tolls.

Plan your route ahead of time and save money

When planning rest stops, overnights, and must-see sights, remember:

  • Miles count: How far will you go? Is the distance within the free daily mileage limit?
  • No driving on empty: What’s the cost to fill your tank? Pin the most pocket-friendly gas stations on your GPS.
  • Find a toll-erable route: Opt for roads with low, or no, tolls. Consider investing in EZ Pass or SunPass when driving to Florida.
  • Parking lot levies: Before you hit the road, research the parking situation in each destination. Download apps like ParkingMeter or SpotHero, which calculate cost and availability in real time.

Pack snacks

Instead of purchasing overpriced fast food or snacks at a rest stop, fill a cooler with your favorite drinks, chips, sandwiches, or fruit. Pack a blanket and disposable dishes and violá! You’ve got yourself a penny-pinching picnic lunch.

Travel off-peak 

If your travel dates are flexible, choose to go during off-peak season. Daily budget van rental fees will be lower, as will gas prices and hotel rates.

Pay parking tickets ASAP

Parking tickets: they happen to the best of us. If you receive a fine, pay it immediately to avoid incurred fees.

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FAQs about budget van rental

Are there any mileage limits or additional charges for long distances?

Greenvans offers an industry-leading 300 miles daily, regardless of the rental length. For each mile over the limit, you’ll be charged $0.39. Those renting for 10 days or less can add on an unlimited mileage package to avoid extra fees.

What is the minimum age requirement for renting a van?

Greenvans requires all drivers to be 21 or older to rent a 15-passenger van. 

Do you offer insurance options for van rentals?

Primary liability insurance is required by law in all U.S. states. To ensure you’re fully covered, Greenvans offers four insurance options that can be purchased individually or as one package. Options include:

  • Renter’s Liability Protection (RLP)
  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP)
  • Personal Effects & Personal Accident Insurance (PEI/PAI)
  • Renter’s Collision Protection (RCP)

Can I cancel or modify my reservation, and are any fees involved?

You can cancel or modify your reservation with no charge up to three days before the day of rental. If you must cancel within those three days, Greenvans will keep your 30% deposit for a future rental. 

Are 12- and 15-passenger vans the same size? 

A 12- and 15-passenger van is the same vehicle. We remove the back row of seats to configure a 15-passenger van to 11 or 12 riders, which results in more cargo space.

Do 12-passenger vans have room for luggage? 

A 12-passenger van has enough space in the back for 11 – 12 suitcases. Small bags and backpacks can fit under the seats.

How many suitcases can a 15-passenger van hold?

A 15-passenger van with no rows removed will only accommodate soft bags and duffels under the seats.

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