What makes Greenvans the best sports team van rental?

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So, your team made it to the national championship and not only is it your job to find a way to win, you’ve also got to find a way to transport them there. Will there be enough vehicles to seat everyone? Will there be enough trunk space to carry the endless list of equipment you’ll need? And will carpooling and parking all these cars be a nightmare?

If you’re drowning in doubt, we’re here to help. Instead of carpool coordination, what about renting a large vehicle that accommodates both the players and the gear? A 15-passenger van might just be the winning ticket. We’ll show you why. 

Greenvans sports team rental van for the win
Take the winners home from the big game in style.

Greenvans is your MVP for sports team van rentals

Winning teams need winning transportation, which is why a sports team van rental from Greenvans is the way to go. 

A champion-sized fleet of vans

Our Ford 15-Passenger Transit 350 vans are versatile enough to accommodate the players and their sports gear. With 15 comfortable seats, six-foot high ceilings and two removable rows, you can fit the team in one van and equipment in the other. 

Game-winning van rental amenities

Sports team van rentals today seem to fall into two categories: too much or too little. Some have a variety of distractions like touch screens and game consoles, keeping the athletes from interacting with one another. Other vehicles lack basics like charging ports, which could lead to unnecessary frustration on game day. 

We’re proud to say our fleet of vans is “just right”. We’ve got all the amenities to stay entertained, including Apple Carplay, Android Auto, SiriusXM radio, and four charging ports. Riders will be comfortable and still focused on building team spirit.

A van rental convenient for coaches and the whole team 

If you’re a coach or someone responsible for a sports team, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Luckily, reserving your 15-passenger van rental at Greenvans requires no playbook analysis! In just a few simple steps, you’ll have your van (or vans!) when and where you want them. Here’s how it works: 

  • Book online or by phone
  • Let us know how many riders and how much equipment you’ll be toting
  • Choose whether you want to pick up your van or have it delivered
  • Complete the online paperwork, including ID verification and credit card information

And that’s it! Your sports team van rental is all yours for the duration you need it.

Teamwork makes the dream drive

Safety is our top priority. Vans are regularly inspected and undergo maintenance before each and every rental. They’re also equipped with:

  • Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking
  • Side-curtain airbags
  • A backup camera 
  • A lane-centering system
  • Blind-spot information system 

What’s more, you’ll have access to our 24-hour emergency phone number and roadside assistance while on the road.

The winning play – cost-effectiveness when renting a van for your team

Life is expensive these days. From coffee to gas, it feels like everything is an investment now. With that in mind, we strive to provide our customers with fair pricing and exceptional value, keeping in line with industry standards and competitor rates.In addition to reasonable rental costs, we offer affordable insurance bundles and discounts on long-term rentals. If you’re planning to cover a lot of ground, consider an unlimited mileage package that’s designed to help you save money so you can go that extra mile – on the field or on the road.

A winning team needs winning transportation.
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How Greenvans elevates your sports team’s experience

Playing in a championship is more than just the game. It’s the prep, the team partnership, and the post-game introspection –  whether you win or lose. Elevate the overall experience by ensuring your ride to and from the big event is a safe, comfortable space for everyone to “get their head in” the game.

Made for pregame relaxation

The size and design of our Ford Transit 15-passenger rental vans provides plush seating arrangements and six-foot ceilings. On the road, players have the option to sit back and relax in an individual bucket seat or stand up for an occasional stretch. 

Focused game prep

Need to strategize on the go? Bring along the devices that help you design the perfect play.  Our vans have onboard charging ports for your laptops, tablets, and smartphones so you can hold team meetings while on the road. 

Team spirit on wheels

Aside from strategy and spaciousness, what we do best is provide you with space to foster team spirit and bonding. Win, lose, or tie, convenient travel will ensure the experience is a memorable one.

Real wins: Testimonials from our satisfied customers 

We provide the tools our customers need to reach their transportation goals. From music bands to church groups, wedding parties to sports teams, we’ve maintained a winning record in the industry. Check out what our customers have to say:

“I can’t say enough about Andy and his group of guys! These guys are genuinely awesome and went above and beyond to meet all of my expectations! I usually don’t take the time to give praise where praise is due but this is very much deserved and necessary.”

Melvin D.

“We rented a 15 Passenger Ford Transit Mid Height Roof. 4 adults and 9 kids from 3 to 12 years old. There was plenty of room for all of us plus luggage. We totally recommend this company if you are looking to rent a large van for a trip!”

Deric C.

“Could not have imagined a better passenger van rental experience with Greenvans. Their team was available for any questions and help 24/7. We were a group of 15 and we all fit very comfortably. Lots of safety features as well. Excellent service!”

Eric S.
Rent a passenger van so you can fit the team AND the gear.
Photo by Ron Lach

Travel tips for sports teams hitting the road

Just like any tournament, it’s important to first take a few moments to strategize your travel plans. Here are a handful of ideas to make traveling with a sports team easier.

Plan your trip like a champion

Any dedicated athlete knows that the more you prep, the smoother things will go on game day. Securing your transportation is no different, so here’s how to win at logistics:

  • Book early – Don’t leave your reservation to the last minute, especially during busy seasons like summer and holidays, or weekends. 
  • Provide ample information – Let us know the size of your team, the kind of equipment you’re bringing, and your pickup/drop off preferences so we can optimize the space and delivery of your sports van rental.
  • Create an itinerary – and be detailed! Map out your journey with a backup plan in the event of inclement weather or traffic. Download apps like Waze to warn you of upcoming road closures or accidents. 
  • Leave your plans with a loved one – For your own peace of mind, compile a list of the places you’re going and staying with contact information for parents, spouses, and friends who won’t be joining you.

Pack smart, play smart

Packing properly can make all the difference when it comes to space and efficiency on a sports team outing. To optimize storage:

  • Distribute a packing list to the team: Remind them of toiletries, clothing, medications, and electronic equipment and chargers.
  • Suggest the best bag: Recommend specific duffel bags or backpacks that have compartments for organizing. For example, an extra bag for cleats will be helpful for whoever is doing laundry later!
  • Invest in a team sports bag: Purchase either a large duffel or equipment bag on wheels for gear like balls, cones, nets, and a first aid kit.
  • Buy labels: Stickers or labels with ties will help you keep everyone’s luggage in order, avoiding chaos upon arrival.
  • Bring van organizers: There are plenty of products to help you utilize the space you have. Van organizers can go in the back or hook over seats so you and your team can keep the essentials at hand.

For more details, check out our extensive guide of car packing tips and tricks. Removing the back row or two of seats frees up a lot of room for luggage and equipment, so let us know what you’re bringing and we can find a way to accommodate it.

Fuel the victory

Long drives can often leave the team feeling tired or lethargic. Keep up the excitement and energy by taking frequent stops to stretch, get some fresh air, and use the bathroom. Don’t forget to pack a cooler in the back of the van with healthy snacks and beverages for the road, because athletes seem to always be hungry!

Be prepared for anything

On the off-chance that there is an emergency, it’s best to be prepared. Bring the following essentials with you:

  • A first-aid kit and basic emergency supplies like bandaids, gauze, ointments, and ibuprofen. 
  • Contact information for the local police, fire department, and regional hospital. 
  • Addresses and phone numbers of each team member and their families.
  • Phone and laptop chargers. 
  • Emergency number for Greenvans’ 24/7 phone line and roadside assistance.

FAQs about sports team van rentals

What types of vans are available for sports team rentals?

Greenvans has a giant fleet of Ford 15-Passenger Transit 350 XLT Mid-Roof vans. We chose these vehicles not just for their drivability, but also their versatility – each van can be configured to serve as an 8-passenger, 11-passenger, 12-passenger or 15-passenger sports team van rental.

How much does it cost to rent a van for a sports team?

The average rental van cost for a sports team runs anywhere from $80 to upwards of $500 per day, depending on the agency, location, length of rental, make and model, and customized upgrades. Greenvans can provide a more accurate number for your sports team van rental, so head to our website for a free van rental quote.

Are there any mileage limits or additional fees for long-distance travel?

Most companies have specific daily mileage limits and a per-mile fee when that limit is surpassed. Greenvans rentals come with an industry-leading complimentary 300 miles per day. If that’s still not enough for your upcoming trip, read through our ultimate guide to renting a van with unlimited mileage.

What insurance options are available for sports team van rentals?

Sports team van rentals might benefit from an insurance bundle, which includes:

  • Renter’s Liability Protection (RLP)
  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP)
  • Personal Effects & Personal Accident Insurance (PEI/PAI)
  • Renter’s Collision Protection (RCP)

With a bundle, everyone in the vehicle, as well as their equipment, will be covered.

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