Why You Should Visit Zion National Park This Winter

Four hikers on Angels Landing trail at Zion National Park

Rent a van and visit Zion National Park this Winter


So you’re planning a little road-trip out of Los Angeles to escape and recharge with a few of your close friends. You’ve always wanted to explore Zion National Park in Utah, and you’ve figured out that the fall and winter are some of the most beautiful times of year to experience a Zion camping adventure.

In December, the temperature barely drops below 30 degrees, the sun is still shining, the air is crisp and the busy summer crowds have thinned out. A winter camping trip to Zion will give you and your friends this popular iconic national park almost all to yourselves.

Have an iconic travel experience without the crowds.

Something like best time to visit Zion without large crowds” might be our new favorite search phrase as we navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 travel world. And yet, finding a great destination that’s free of massive crowds is only part of your problem.

How do you get yourself and your friends there safely, cost-effectively, and with plenty of room for everything you need for your winter road-trip camping adventure?


Why a passenger van rental is the best road-trip travel hack you haven’t thought of yet.

If you haven’t thought about a passenger van rental out of Los Angeles for a trip like this before, this travel hack could win you trip planner of the year. You’ve probably seen “15 passenger van rental” as a rare option on car rental sites, but you’ve always assumed that was just for a large family or a hockey team or some other group of people looking exclusively for 15 seatbelts.

You thought, “Well, I’m not looking for a large group van rental, so that’s not for me.” But you weren’t thinking like the creative genius travel hacker that you are. Even if your group is just four people, three couples, or seven single friends, a large passenger van rental is still a great option for you to travel safely and comfortably, and it’s exactly how you’re going to experience one of the most iconic winter camping destinations this year.


Ditch the car convoy and get in the van to Zion National Park.

It’s about 8 hours of drive time from Los Angeles to Zion that could just as easily be 8 hours of bonus adventure time. There are a million van rental options out there, but the one thing that every company forgets to tell you about is the most important thing for you: Van travel creates opportunities for you to make priceless memories with your friends since you’ll all be together,  and you don’t want to take a chance on missing out on the reason why you’re planning this trip in the first place.


You never know when those memorable moments will hit. Be ready.

Don’t forget why you’re going on this road-trip: It’s not just to check another national park off your list. You’re going out of your way to spend time with people you love and care about and you’re doing it to form memories you’ll share together for a lifetime. But you never know when you’ll have those moments:

It could hit you on the fourth hour of the drive out of L.A. when you cross through the Mojave at Sunset that you don’t spend enough time with all of the friends sitting behind you in the van.

Or it’s that boring stretch on the 15 between Las Vegas and the Utah border that you and your cousin have that age-old heated debate over which jelly is the correct jelly to put on a PB&J sandwich hint, it’s NOT grape.

Or that moment when you follow the best advice of every Zion travel guide and enter the park through the East entrance, revealing the most breathtaking landscape you’ve ever seen while navigating the switchbacks on the Mount Carmel Highway. That’s the moment you realize that you’ll be much happier if you get out of Los Angeles and do something like this every weekend.

Maybe it will be at the peak of Angels Landing when you get that perfect group shot and the whole trip pays off in that one moment of accomplishment.

Here’s where Greenvans becomes your solution: We do one thing, and we do one thing exceptionally well, and that is to give you access to incredible travel opportunities.  We do that by considering ourselves as part of your adventure and as part of the story you’re telling.

We’re a small, insignificant part of your adventure, but an essential one nonetheless. We rent great passenger vans at great prices and back them up with a customer service experience dedicated to making your journey exactly what you want it to be.


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