26 fun road trip games for couples

Road trips are the best. Renting a spacious van to cruise through beautiful landscapes on a cross-country road trip route is one of the best pleasures of life. Still, the monotony of long highway stretches might have you reaching for your phone. 

Stop! Instead of scrolling Instagram, use this downtime as an opportunity to get to know your partner better. Play one or all of our favorite road trip games for couples, including word games, trivia games, and sing-alongs. Not only will these activities help pass the time, you’re guaranteed to laugh out loud and learn a thing or two about your honey that you didn’t know before!

1. Would you rather

One of the most amusing road trip games for couples or groups of couples, in “Would you rather” players are presented with two difficult, humorous, or bizarre choices and must decide which option they would prefer. The question must start with the phrase “Would you rather”.

For example, player #1 might ask something like:

“Would you rather have a lot of money or the perfect relationship?” Whoever answers the question must first explain their choice, and then ask a new question to whoever is next. You can really learn a lot about a person if you ask the right questions!

This game is great for the road because all you need is your imagination and an open mind. It can last as long as you want, with each round typically taking a few minutes.

Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

2. Name that tune

This game isn’t for the timid! Players must hum, whistle, or sing a short melody from a song so their partner can guess the title. Equipment is not necessary for the game, though access to an app like YouTube or Spotify might be useful to come up with ideas when it’s your turn. 

The game can last as long as it’s still entertaining. It’s a fun and interactive way to test each other’s knowledge of music and enjoy some friendly competition while on the road.

Photo by Jack Ward on Unsplash

3. 21 questions

In “21 questions”, player #1 must think of an object, person, or place, while the other players take turns asking up to 21 yes-or-no questions to guess what the person is thinking of. It’s one of our go-to games to play on road trips because all it requires is your brain. 

One round can last 30 seconds or several minutes, depending on how challenging the answer is and how long it takes for the other player to guess correctly. Choose topics that are related to your personal relationship, like a place you’ve visited together or an object that has special meaning to you both.

Whoever wins leads the next round. You can keep score or simply let the game lead you into interesting conversation.

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4. Kiss, marry, kill

Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothee Chalamet, Henry Cavill. Who would you marry, who would you kiss, and who would you get rid of entirely? This game is highly entertaining, especially when the options feel impossible to choose from (imagine having to pick who would you marry, kiss, or kill between three equally attractive, or equally unattractive, examples?) Think about celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other famous personalities when it’s your turn.

The only gear necessary is your mind. Access to blogs or news sites can be helpful if you’re blanking on a name or you’re out of the pop culture loop. 

5. The license plate game

This game is best played in urban hubs or on a longer journey, like our New England road trip itinerary. Over the course of your journey, keep an eye out for as many license plates from different states or countries as you can. 

All you need for the game is your eyes, a big window like those in Greenvans’ passenger vans, and a pen and paper to keep track of the plates you’ve seen.

Players should determine the winnings at the start of the trip. Because the game lasts the duration of the trip, consider inviting the winner to the final dinner, or buying a souvenir along the way to give as a prize.

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6. Never have I ever

If your goal is to learn more about your partner, this is an ideal way to do it. The popular conversation game is one of the best road trip games for adults. It involves players making statements about things they have never done. Each statement starts with the phrase, “Never have I ever”.

Need an example? “Never have I ever seen the Eiffel Tower in real life.” If you have seen the Eiffel Tower, you get a point. While you are welcome to tally points, there is no particular winner, as the game is meant to spark discussion. It lasts as long as you can come up with creative and entertaining statements that foster discussion and reveal interesting, previously unknown facts about your partner.

To make it more personal, we suggest writing down the topics you find most interesting and coming back to the conversation after the game. If you, say, just learned that your partner has never gone white water rafting before, it might be time to plan a road trip to the best white water rafting in the U.S.

7. Two truths and a lie

Another excellent source of personal information, this car game for couples gets you knowing your partner on a new level in a really entertaining way! Players must present three statements, two that are true and one that’s a lie, and the other players must correctly guess the fib. The trick here is to choose a lie that’s hard to spot, making the game a lot of fun.

Here is an example:

I hiked Mount Everest.

I speak three languages.

I’ve never been to California.

If your partner was paying close attention, she might remember that story you once shared about a family trip to Disneyland. She might also know your affinity for hiking, and conclude that you do not speak three languages. 

There is no clear winner or loser, but you will get to know each other much better as a result!

8. Alphabet Name Game

This silly and easy game can keep you occupied for hours and is perfect for couples or groups of partners traveling together! You can choose a theme (see #22) or follow the pattern of person, place, and thing. Players take turns naming a person’s name, a place, and a thing that starts with the next letter of the alphabet from A — Z.

Here is out it might play out:

Alice, Barcelona, Car 

Anthony, Boston, Cat

You don’t need materials for this game, though a timer or counter could be useful to keep it moving swiftly. There is no time limit to the game itself, so you can choose to play one round and finish with Z, or multiple and start over with A.

Couples may want to choose answers based on experiences they’ve had together, like places they’ve traveled to or items they have bought.

9. The Rhyme Game

Requirements for the Rhyme Game include quick thinking and a creative mind. It’s one of the funniest  high-energy road trip game ideas on this list. Start with one word, preferably romantically-themed like love or marriage. Players must find as many rhymes as possible for that word. Once you’ve run out of answers, start with a new word.

Examples include:

Fish, dish, wish, swish.

Make it even more challenging by turning it into a rhyming story game and, instead of a word, start with a phrase that can be added to.

Example of a rhyming story:

We’re on the road

Far from our humble abode

In the back of the van we’ve packed quite a load

In this version, when you run out of rhymes and want to introduce a new word, introduce a new phrase that continues with the poem you’ve already started. 

10. Animal Name Game

In-depth knowledge of the animal kingdom is the only necessity to play the Animal Name Game. It’s an especially fun pastime if you’re traveling to the country’s national parks or around the Outer Banks, destinations where you’re bound to see an abundance of wildlife.

Players take turns naming animals, with each animal name starting with the last letter of the previous animal name.

For example:




Decide on the rules ahead of time — Do specific breeds count? Imaginary animals? Only animals found in the United States? Set your guidelines and continue playing until you’ve spiraled off into another conversation or run out of animal names.

Photo by Jason Pischke on Unsplash

11. Categories

A spinoff of Scattergories, this version is ideal if you’re looking for two person car games. The classic word game asks players to take turns naming items within a specific category and can be played within a group of couples or one pair.

For example, if the category is “trips we’ve taken together,” players might say “Boston,” “Mexico,” “Charleston,” and so on. To make it more exciting for one couple, use a timer and name as many answers as possible within the given amount of time, with 10 seconds or less to respond when it’s your turn. If a player defaults, the other player gets the point. 

12. The Story Game

Similar to the Rhyme Game (see #9), players build a story together by taking turns. Player #1 starts with a sentence, and player #2 must add to it to create a story. Up the challenge and test your memory by repeating the story from the start. Players who forget a line, lose the round.

The game is a great stimulator for the creative brain, giving participants the chance to throw in twists and turns and unexpected events to make the plot more interesting. It’s especially fun if you keep it within the theme of your road trip! If, for example, you’re heading out on a Maine road trip from our Boston rental office, you could start a story about a Salem ghost looking for revenge after the witch trials. 

Couples have a lot of story options to choose from, like how they met, their first Valentine’s Day together, or their wedding day.

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13. The Name Game

The Name Game is one of the most popular games to play on road trips and follows exactly the same rules as the Animal Name Game, but using general names or those of famous people. If you choose to play with regular names, an example might be: 




If you decide on famous names, use the first letter of that person’s last name to dictate the next response.


Tom Cruise

Cameron Diaz

Dwayne Johnson

There’s no time limit to this pastime, so you can play until you’ve run out of names or until you’re ready for silent contemplation of the stunning U.S. landscapes.

14. Road Trip Trivia

Trivia games of any kind call for a bit of prep. In the case of road trip trivia games, travelers will have to do one of two things: research and prepare questions directly related to your destinations, or download an app like Trivia Crack or Trivial Pursuit online. 

Websites like Sporcle and Fun Trivia are loaded with questions and quizzes that you can use. Fun Trivia even has timed versions, like the one-hour mixed-topic trivia option. Have a passenger read the questions and either play in couples or as a group against the computer.

Depending on how many questions you have available, this game could feasibly go on for hours! Decide on a prize for the winner to spice things up.

15. Spelling Bee

Don’t panic! This isn’t the spelling bee of your youth. This is a more relaxed, adult-friendly version that might even expand your vocabulary a bit.

Before you go, print out a list of words commonly used in a spelling bee. One player must volunteer as the MC. In turn, each participant will get a chance to spell the word correctly.

Whoever spells the most words correctly wins a prize! This game should be played with more than two players, since the driver won’t have an opportunity to lead the bee. If you’re on the road with your honey, come up with a list of words related to your partnership.

16. The Movie Game

Film buffs will love “The Movie Game”, an engaging competition where players take turns naming movies based on a specific category or theme. For example, players might name movies featuring a specific actor or theme. 

The player that starts, let’s say it’s the driver, chooses “most romantic films of all time” as the theme. The opponent then has to name an amorous movie, like “An Affair to Remember”. Whoever gets stumped has to pick the next theme.

There’s really no time limit or scoring system to this game, so let it play out organically and spark conversation about your favorite, and least favorite, films! 

17. Word Association

One of the most fun road trip games for couples is Word Association. Player #1 chooses any word in the world, and the next person has to choose a new word that links to it. 

An example could be:





Fourth of July

Players can challenge others if they don’t think the word connects. When this happens, the player whose turn it is has a chance to defend him or herself. If the group agrees, the game continues. If not, it’s time to choose a new word and start again! 

Twosomes on the road together can use this word game in a way that makes things more romantic or zestier.   

18. Fortunately, Unfortunately

This is a storytelling game that has the chance to become quite hilarious. The first player starts with a positive sentence that starts with the word “fortunately”. The next player follows it up with a negative rebuttal, starting with “unfortunately”. 

An example of this is as follows:

“Fortunately, I found $100 on the street this morning.”

“Unfortunately, I lost it at the blackjack table.”

The game gets really fun when you tie in personal experiences, so think about things you might experience on your romantic road trip together and use that as your theme.

19. Scavenger Hunt

Two things are required for this game to work while on the road.

  1. A predetermined list of geographically-related objects.
  2. Trust.

Before you leave, think about 10 or more items that you might pass while on the road to your destination. For example, if you’re on your way to spend Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia, you might include things like a red Corvette, a revolutionary war statue, and a hitchhiker. Print out a list for each of you. Whoever checks off the most boxes by the end of the trip is the winner.

Why does this require trust? Well, you’re in a moving vehicle, and there’s a chance your opponent sees that red Corvette zoom by when you’re busy daydreaming. You’ll have to choose to believe them without visual evidence. 

20. Head Trip

There’s nothing wrong with bringing a few props on your upcoming road trip. If you’re traveling with a group of couples who like to push the envelope, from the makers of “Cards Against Humanity” comes “Head Trip”, a provocative question-and-answer pastime that’s also one of the funniest road trip games for adults. 

The game consists of bizarre questions printed on black cards that are meant to be asked from the random perspectives printed on white cards. For example, you pull a white card that says “You are Abraham Lincoln,” and a black card that asks “What is the purpose of life?” The question card comes with four not-safe-for-work answers, and you have to choose which answer Abraham Lincoln would pick.

It’s hilarious, it’s rousing, and it can keep you and your significant other entertained for hours!

21. Sing-Off

If you and your boo are karaoke fans, why not bring it with you on the road? Whether you’re traveling with just you two or with a group of couples, a sing-off is a memorable way to pass time during long stretches in the van. 

To make it a game, either film your performance and later, over drinks, choose the winner of each round, or you can choose an onsite judge. The second option is best if you’re traveling with a few couples. Each singer gets to choose their own song. Decide as a couple or a group if there will be a time limit and a theme — for example, romantic ballads. Extra points are given for creativity in performance, lyric memorization, and singing skills.

Remember, this is meant to be fun and silly. You aren’t expected to sound like Taylor Swift, but you can embody her, if only for a few minutes!

22. The Geography Alphabet Game

Similar to the Animal Name Game and the classic Name Game, this classic road trip trivia game is based specifically on geography. You can choose a theme, like the United States landscape, capital cities around the world, or international countries. Following the first and last letters of each response, you’ll strengthen your destination knowledge within just a few rounds.

For example, if the theme is U.S.A. and Player #1 chooses Arizona, the next player would choose Arkansas. Whoever is next might choose Sonoma, and so on. This game can go on as long as you want to play, it involves just your memory, and can be played with you and your honey or a group of couples.

23. Pick Your Poison Card Game

Even though it’s technically a board game, you can keep entertained just by asking each other the difficult questions in Pick Your Poison. It’s similar to Would You Rather (see #1) but a bit more obscure and random. 

Basically, someone serves as the judge. That person presents you with a deck of cards, from which you take two. You then must choose the lesser of the two evils. For example, pick your poison between fighting an ostrich to the death or never seeing the sun again. You’re at liberty to ask clarification questions, and the judge is at liberty to answer them as he or she pleases.

No one wins, no one loses, but you’re ensured a lot of laughter and topics to discuss over dinner!

24. Jeopardy

When in doubt, play Jeopardy! There are multiple road trip game apps that recreate the world-famous trivia game so you can use a timer and keep score using your smartphone. All you have to do is follow the rules set within the app, so very little is required of you apart from a simple download.

And, of course, decide on a prize for the winner.

25. I Spy

Perhaps the most classic road trip game of all time, “I Spy” is often attributed to children but can be just as amusing for adults. No materials are necessary for this activity, just a sharp eye and quick reactions.

Player #1 chooses an obscure object and describes it with one clue regarding the shape, color, or another particular characteristic. For example, the leader might say “I spy with my little eye, something that is green.” The other player (or players) will narrow down whichever objects they see outside that are green. Whoever wins leads the next round.

This game is best when sitting in traffic or driving through dense urban areas with lots of objects to choose from.

26. 501 Questions: A Travel Game

One of the best “getting to know you” resources out there, 501 Questions is the ultimate book of conversation starters with a travel theme. From world trivia to “if you could ” questions, “would you rather” topics to bucket list desires, you and your partner will be guessing, learning, and laughing for hours. 

All this pastime requires is the book itself and a willingness to answer a ton of fun questions! This is undoubtedly one of the best road trip games for couples and groups of couples available.

Quality time in a quality van

A road trip is an outstanding way to become closer to your partner. From planning your trip to partaking in new experiences together, travel is a surefire way to strengthen your bond. Often, the most rewarding part of the trip is the time spent alone on the road, talking, laughing and playing road trip games.

To ensure a smooth journey, rent a van with Greenvans. Our fleet of modern vans are spacious and comfortable, and our 24-hour roadside assistance will give you peace of mind so you can focus on what really matters — creating memories with your partner.



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