Rent a 15 passenger van in Richmond to visit GW National Forest

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I was excited for our family weekend getaway to George Washington National Forest. We rented a 15 passenger van in Richmond and packed it with all our camping gear, snacks, and drinks, and we were ready for a fun road trip. The drive was beautiful, and we stopped at a few scenic points along the way to take pictures. 

Once we arrived in the park, we started hiking one of the many trails. We saw amazing views of the mountains and forests, and everyone had a great time. We also biked, rode horseback, and swam in the rivers and lakes. It was the perfect trip.

If you’re looking for a fun and cost-friendly weekend getaway for your family, look no further than George Washington National Forest! Just a short drive from Richmond, VA, this beautiful forest offers plenty of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. Here are just some of the many things you can do:

The difference between a cramped trip and a memorable journey: A passenger van rental in Richmond from Greenvans

Side view of two Ford Transit 15-passenger rental vans with the Greenvans logo

You’ll need to take care of a few tasks before hitting the road. First, you’ll need to figure out your vehicle choice. Sure, you could go with the family vehicle, but honestly, any group larger than seven will get cramped in a hurry. Throw in camping gear, luggage, and everyone’s favorite snacks, and you are sure to have a challenging trip ahead.

Your best plan is to rent a 15 passenger van in Richmond from Greenvans. This will give you room for everyone and all your gear. Even if you don’t have 15 people, a large passenger van rental like this will give you plenty of room to spread out for the 3 hour drive. Greenvans in Richmond can also remove the back row of seats for you to convert your vehicle to an 11 passenger van with plenty of luggage space in the back. 

When it comes to family trips, renting a 15 passenger van in Richmond is the smartest decision you can make. Not only does it provide plenty of room for everyone and all of your gear, but it’s also affordable. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is built for long trips and is equipped with all the amenities you need.

So if you’re looking for a hassle-free family getaway, be sure to consider renting a 15 passenger van from Greenvans in Richmond. You won’t regret it!

Next, make sure you’re aware of the scenic routes and attractions along the way so you can plan accordingly. Third, pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the drive. You don’t want anyone getting hangry. And lastly, be sure to bring a good camera so you can document all the amazing memories you’ll make together.

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What To Do When You Get There

Once you arrive in George Washington National Forest, it’s time to start exploring!

Hiking: With over 500 miles of trails, there’s no shortage of places to see or explore on foot. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just a beginner getting started, you’ll find a perfect trail.

Camping: There are several designated camping areas throughout the forest, so you can pitch a tent and enjoy the great outdoors overnight. Be sure to get a permit in advance!

Fishing: If you’re looking to relax and catch some fish, there are many bodies of water to choose from. Just be sure to have a valid fishing license.

Stargazing: Far away from the city lights, the stars shine brightly here. Head out to one of the many clearings in the forest and enjoy the show!

No matter what activity you choose, you’re bound to see some incredible views of the mountains and forests. And when you need a break to catch your breath from all the excitement, jump in one of the many rivers or lakes for a refreshing swim. Just be certain to keep an eye out for any local wildlife.

Making memories together

A weekend trip is the best opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Be sure to take advantage of this time by playing some games together, sharing stories around the campfire, or simply taking a moment to appreciate being in such a beautiful place. These are moments you’ll cherish forever.

Interior view of rear of Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit 350 XLT with back two rows removed

Bottom Line

George Washington National Forest is the perfect destination for an unforgettable family weekend getaway. With so much to do and see, everyone in your group is sure to have a blast!There’s no doubt that George Washington National Forest is the perfect place for your next family weekend getaway! So load up the 15 passenger van rental in Richmond from Greenvans and hit the road – you won’t be disappointed.


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