Leisure travel vans for your next big road trip: Everything you need to know

You’ve decided once and for all that this is the year you’re taking your family on the road trip of a lifetime. With the decision made, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of planning your adventure.  And, most importantly, how are you going to make sure you drive not just in comfort, but in style?

Comfort is key, so group size and vehicle choice are crucial components to a great getaway. Leisure travel vans boast plush seats, higher roofs, and are spacious enough to bring everything you’re going to need (and more!). Working with an expert van rental company guarantees new and well-maintained vehicles, as well as on-call aid and even planning assistance.

So, forget the cramped car or bulky RV, and hit the road in style in the comfort and surprising affordability of a leisure travel van.

Why choose a leisure travel van for your next road trip

The USA’s varied landscapes range from majestic mountains to rocky coastlines, wide open prairies to desert expanse. Road trips are fun, easy, flexible, and full of amazing views. The most important component to successful road travel is the vehicle. You deserve a vehicle that’s both spacious and safe, with giant windows to soak in the vistas. 

That’s why we recommend you rent a leisure travel van for your next road trip. A leisure van offers more space, comfortable seats, and security features. To determine which van is best for your group getaway, get to know the different leisure vans available and what to expect from each. We’ve created a useful guide to types of travel leisure vans, the features to look out for, and the most common questions that arise when renting one.

Types of leisure travel vans

A variety of leisure travel vans are on the market. To figure out which style is best for your road trip needs, we’ve broken down the most common rentals and their distinguishing factors.

Class B motorhomes

Also known as camper vans, Class B motorhomes are compact living spaces that can usually sleep up to 3 people comfortably. Inside, you’ll find a small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Some newer models have larger windows throughout the van, though the majority of fleets have windows only in the front. These vans come equipped with running water and a sewage system.

If you’re a couple or a group of 3 that prefers glamping over camping, a Class B motorhome might be a great choice. 

Class C motorhomes

Looking for something a bit larger than a Class B motorhome? Perhaps a Class C is up your alley. There is more room to maneuver inside the vehicle, optimal for families larger than 3. There are usually 2 distinct sleeping areas and a dinette for meals. Like Class B, Class C vehicles often have windows just in the passenger area. 

But be warned: these types of motorhomes aren’t quite as easy to drive as Class B. If you are comfortable driving large vehicles, this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not as fuel-efficient as its smaller counterpart, made up for in comfort. 

Conversion vans

Conversion vans are leisure vans that have been converted into livable spaces. They are usually still tall enough for the average person to stand up, but they tend to be a bit smaller than a Class B motorhome. Most are customized to include beds, kitchenettes, and areas for storage. Rarely is there running water inside a conversion van due to its size.

In the case of conversion vans, two’s company, three’s a crowd. Couples planning a camping adventure who prefer a mattress over a sleeping bag may enjoy the novelty of traveling this way. They’re usually easy to park in campgrounds, which gives you full access to public restrooms and showers. 

15-passenger vans

Look for 15-passenger leisure travel vans for rent if you want the best of both worlds – luxury and adventure. Not only do these travel vans fit more people, they also pack a lot of cargo. If you’re a group of 8 or less, looking for a comfortable vehicle to fit tents or skis, this is an ideal option. The back rows can be removed to accommodate your gear while still leaving plenty of cushiony seats to relax while on the road. 

Alternatively, if you’re a group of 2 – 4 with plans to spend the night in the van, a snug sleeping area can be arranged in the back. 

Larger groups of 12 or less will also fit comfortably in a spacious passenger van, which comes with modern amenities and safety features. If you’re thinking about renting a travel leisure van with Greenvans, we can guarantee you and your passengers will love our Ford Transit luxury vans for their giant windows, entertainment systems, charging ports, and comfortable seats.

Features to look for in a leisure travel van

When looking for the perfect leisure travel van rental, be on the lookout for newer vehicles that are convenient, comfortable, safe, and fuel efficient – like those you can get from Greenvans. Also, the company you choose to rent from is an important piece of the puzzle.  

Rent from a van rental agency with a lot of experience and a team that can help you do everything from decide on the right amount of packing space to the best itinerary for your road trip.

While researching the many leisure travel vans for rent, pay close attention to the following:

Convenience features like:

  • Front & rear heat and air conditioning
  • Tow hitch with trailer hitch assist
  • USB Port, (4) 12V DC power points
  • Extra cargo space and row removal

Entertainment features like:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Apple Carplay & Android Auto
  • SiriusXM

Safety features like:

  • Backup camera
  • EcoBoost turbo
  • Large windows

Tips for planning a successful road trip with a leisure travel van

Successful road trips require a bit (or, a lot!) of planning. First and foremost, research different leisure travel vans for rent to ensure comfort and safety while on the road. Next, consult our road trip blog for ideas to create your unforgettable getaway. 

Decide where you plan to start and finish your trip and whether you want to bring your dog. Are you looking for a beach getaway? A camping experience? A trip to the USA’s most vibrant urban hubs? When you know where you’re headed, it’s time to plan a loose itinerary that includes must-sees, overnights, and wiggle room for spontaneous exploration. 

Once your overnights are in place, start reserving hotels. TripAdvisor and Booking rank hotels according to reviews and rates and can be very useful when choosing your lodging. Consider whether you’ll need tickets for entertainment or theme park entries and book whatever you can before you go.

Finally, consult our car and van packing tips so you can maximize the cargo space available to you.

Most importantly — have fun!

Narrowing down the endless list of incredible road trip destinations in the USA is often the most challenging aspect of traveling! That’s why our team of road warriors has compiled a list of the nation’s most popular road trips to get you started. 

Our clients love to rent a leisure travel van with us and:

Frequently asked questions on renting a leisure van for a road trip

Now that you’ve decided a road trip is in your future, the questions start piling up. The good news is, we have the answers. Renting a leisure travel van should be seamless and straightforward. Read through the following FAQs to narrow down your options.

How much does it cost to rent a van for a road trip? 

The cost to rent a van for a road trip can range between $70 – $200 or more per day. This can vary depending on the rental company, the size of the van, and the vehicle’s brand. 

How much does it cost to rent a minivan?

Renting a minivan costs between $70 – $100 a day.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury van?

Expect to pay upwards of $100 a day to rent a luxury van for your road trip.

Why should I rent a van instead of a car?

Renting a van instead of a car ensures a comfortable experience for passengers as well as more cargo room. It’s especially useful for groups that want to camp, hike, or ski, as there is significantly more cargo space in a van.

What do I need to look for in a leisure travel van?

When you rent a leisure travel van, look for safety features like backup cameras, convenience features like charging ports, and entertainment features such as Sirius radio. You’ll also want to double check that the seats are comfortable, the windows are big, and rows can be removed to adjust for space.

Ready to rent a leisure travel van and hit the road? Get your free quote today! 


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