Have raft. Will travel.

Smokey Mountains

The weather cools. The dams get released. The water rises.

Fall is the perfect time for an intense and unforgettable whitewater rafting adventure—which makes NOW the perfect time to plan it.

It all starts with 10- or 15-passenger Ford van rental. From there, it’s a road trip for the ages, complete with bonding, excitement and maybe a pinch or two of absolute terror.

Isn’t that what adventure’s all about?


Leehigh River
Jim Thorpe, PA

Take in the mountain scenery (if you can tear your eyes away from the rocks ahead) as you paddle down 12 miles of the Leehigh River through 17 sets of rapids.

You’ll get 4 to 5 hours of Class II and III whitewater rafting in—not to mention plenty of opportunities to bike and play paintball nearby.

Traveling with a little one? They’ve got you covered with family-style trips perfect for kids 4 and up.


Kennebec River

Every year, Brookfield Power tests their turbines by releasing the maximum amount of water from the Harris Station Dam into the Kennebec River—doubling the river’s normal whitewater rafting release volume.

That’s 8,000+ cubic feet of water per second—and Class III and IV rapids that guarantee non-stop action.

Later, you can catch your breath at The Forks Adventure Resort with a grilled lunch and a microbrew.

After all, you earned it.


Pigeon River
Ocoee River

Fall in the Smoky Mountains speaks for itself.

Starting as early as mid-September, the colors erupt into the most spectacular sight you’ve ever seen. And the Pigeon and Ocoee Rivers are perfect spots to take it all in.

Given how unpredictable water levels are that time of year, you’ll never know exactly what to expect around the next bend—which makes for a unique adventure in a truly amazing setting.

Whether you’re looking for a slow, leisurely trip down the river or a heart-stopping race through the rapids, there’s a rafting trip for everyone out there. And this Fall is the right time to take yours.

So rent your Ford passenger van today and get ready to make some amazing memories.


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