Why you should drive to Myrtle Beach for winter golf

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The best van rental option for your South Carolina golf trip


Golf is as much about the experience as it is the game. Golf is about chillin. It’s about enjoying being outside with your friends, working on your putting skills and feeling the relaxed pace of not having anywhere to be or anything else to do.

Golf is also about showing off how much you improved your game over the summer and raking your buddies over the coals in “friendly” competition.

A great golf TRIP is about cramming as many rounds as your blistered hands can handle into a short getaway.

What makes a golf trip even better is the opportunity for you and your friends to share the experience together, on your own time, on your own schedule, from the moment you walk out your door until the moment you return home.

Your time matters. Don’t sell yourself short on the experience.

You’re busy. As much as you’d like to carve out a whole month to explore some of the 900 golf courses that litter North and South Carolina, you have real life obligations. Your time is valuable, but the experience itself and the memories you will create are worth the planning and the effort.

You’re wondering if you should drive to Myrtle Beach from Philadelphia for your winter golf trip rather than fly. If you’ve come this far, it’s an easy decision and we think we make a great case for you.

What are you really trying to accomplish here?

You can face the inevitable headache of navigating an airport with your oversized golf bags and end up arguing with a corporate car rental agent 500 miles from home while you tell yourself, “Once I get there, everything will be great.”


You can make the travel itself a part of the experience. There’s a reason why the golf package you booked doesn’t include getting you there. What the destination resort is telling you is that “figuring out how to get here is a huge pain in the a$$ and it’s not our problem; you can deal with that.” So, truly the best myrtle beach golf package you can find is the one that makes it easy to get you and your friends there, too.
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The road trip is part of the trip

You’re the kind of person that wants comfort, convenience and most importantly, complete control over every aspect of your trip. You want to reduce the number of variables outside of your control.

What you really want is for the experience to start sooner and end later. You don’t need an overpriced luxury van rental to accomplish all of that within your budget and you certainly don’t need the frustration, risk, and expense that comes with navigating an airport during a global pandemic.

What you haven’t figured out until discovering Greenvans just now is this: We’re exactly what you were looking for. If you get yourself in a brand new Ford transit 15 passenger van rental from us in Philadelphia, your annual golf trip experience will be so good you’ll be bummed out that you hadn’t found us sooner.

We know you’re not simply looking for any large group van rental from any company. What you need is a company that knows what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the best way to create a solution that’s made for you, not everybody.

There are one million moving parts.

You need to get a large group of golf buddies down to the same destination 500 miles away from home at the same time. There’s a lot of difficulty, uncertainty, and frustration that comes with that task. You have anywhere from 4 to 8 golfers in your group and you’re spending plenty of time coordinating details in the group text with everybody.

You’re all on a budgeteverybody is bringing their clubs and personal luggage. You have a bunch of people and a bunch of stuff and you need to get to where you’re going without nightmare travel logistics ruining the experience.


Turn one million moving parts into one moving vehicle.

Make the most of your valuable time with your friends and create a golf road trip experience on your terms. A passenger van rental in Philadelphia from Greenvans will get your experience started the moment you get in the van—not simply when you arrive at your destination.

Put yourself and all of your friends in a comfortable van that’s big enough and convenient enough for all of you, your luggage, your golf bags, your coolers and anything else you need to throw in there.

Everybody and all of your stuff gets there together at the same time. No lost luggage. No missed flights. No BS. And most importantly, nobody’s time constraints except your own.
What we’re really offering is the confidence that our team has your best interests in mind from start to finish. The trip experience you’re creating with your friends matters to us as much as it matters to you and we know  what to do in order to play a small but significant role in that whole experience.

If you think Greenvans is the right company to help you get you, your friends and your clubs to Myrtle Beach this winter then we’d love to be a part of your experience.

Rent a van from us in Philadelphia!


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Rent a 15-passenger van to make every mile of the journey something to remember.

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