Road Tripping: It’s Good for Your Health

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If you’re incorporating more veggies, meditation and classes at the local gym to improve your health for 2023, you can now add a road trip to that list of healthy habits. What’s that? Traveling vast distances in an 8 passenger van rental full of people doesn’t strike you as an active vacation? Is your mind conjuring up images of salty, sugary snack foods and endless hours of sitting?

Let us change your mind. Road trips don’t have to be this way, and we’re here to share some really great news: long distance travel by car is actually good for your health.

All you need is a few days off, a small group of friends or family, a destination (see our many blog posts for location ideas) and a Greenvans 15 passenger rental van. Why? For starters, you’ll have the chance to discover more of the world. It’s also an unparalleled opportunity to create lasting memories with the people you love the most. 

These memories are often shaped while actually on the road, cruising from one place to another in your sprinter van rental. A road trip will enhance your life both mentally and physically. Travel is proven to improve your mental wellness, decrease your stress level and leave you happier overall.

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Here are five healthy reasons to book that 8,11, or 15 passenger van rental and break your routine.

People are happier when they have a trip planned.

Seems obvious? Maybe. But it’s always nice to back it up with statistics. According to Sage Journals, those with an upcoming trip already confirmed experience more pleasant feelings surrounding their family, finances and health.

Those who have no holiday on the books are more negative, stressed and worried. The planning stages can even cause your happiness levels to rise as high as they would be while actually on your vacation! From the moment you click “Book” on your 8 passenger van rental from Greenvans, you are guaranteed a lift in your mood.

Travel relieves stress.

Your day to day can pile on the pressure, whether you’re aware of it or not. According to Dr. Tamara McClintock Greenberg, a San Francisco-based clinical psychologist, you can lower your anxiety levels by breaking free of your daily routine, even when your daily routine is relatively calm. Travel is an incredibly fun and memorable way to change it up. The shift in scenery will recharge and relax your mind, and serves as a distraction from aggravating emails and mundane tasks.

With a van rental, you don’t have to deal with flight delays or public transportation logistics. Simply reserve your passenger van rental, gather your travel mates, get in the driver’s seat and go!

Driving makes you smarter.

Sort of. Think about it: behind the wheel, everything is engaged: the vision and auditory systems, the physical body and the motor neurons in the brain that control your hands on the steering wheel…this interplay of senses correlates to your mind’s awareness of spatial relations.

Science Times
says that the more defined and acute your spatial relations, the better your understanding of math, science, technology and engineering. Meaning, driving the large rental van, hearing conversation, watching the road and discerning the best route might just turn you into the world’s next celebrated mathematician.

A group trip can lift your serotonin levels.

If your friends are funny or your family makes you smile, invite them along for the ride. The more you laugh and the happier you are, the higher your degree of serotonin will be.

Not to mention, socializing is proven to lengthen your life, lower risk of dementia and improve immune health! In essence, a road trip is simply one of the keys to a longer, stronger life.

Singing will improve your physical state.

Believe it or not, singing boasts an array of health benefits. And you can’t sing on a plane. Put together a playlist that you can play in your Greenvans van and belt it out.

You might notice that your blood pressure drops and stress levels reduce. Crooning in the car has the additional advantage of working out your facial muscles and lungs, resulting in better breathing.

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