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Exterior of a Greenvans transit 15 passenger rental van parked in the city at night

Are you a small group with big dreams of exploring the country in comfort and style? Turn your dream into a reality by renting a roomy passenger van and driving to the most spectacular destinations in the USA. 

National parks, beach vacations, ski adventures, and hiking expeditions are all made easy by renting a passenger van. If you’re not sure what size passenger van is right for you, read on to find out if you would benefit from a van that fits 8 travelers. 

Why rent an 8-passenger van?

Renting an 8-passenger van offers numerous benefits for families, friends, and even couples embarking on a memorable road trip. A van of this size offers more space for passengers, comfortable seating arrangements, large windows, and extra space for the things you’re bringing with you. 

Rent an 8-passenger van if you’re a small family going on beach or camping vacations, musicians on tour, or a couple road-tripping with your pets. Those traveling with a lot of cargo will love an 8-passenger rental for the amount of space you get when the backseats are removed. 

It’s a practical choice for groups of 8 or less who want a cushiony vehicle with modern amenities and a smooth driving experience.

Why Greenvans? 

Greenvans prides itself on being friendly, affordable, and easy to rent from. Our Mercedes vans are new and modern and considered top of the line in the industry. Moreover, our attentive staff offers 24-hour roadside assistance for emergencies. 

Up for a new adventure but not sure where to start? You’ll find tons of ideas for incredible road trips on our website. 

We’ve got 6 rental offices from Boston to Richmond but can deliver an 8-passenger van to you, wherever you are in the country.

What people are saying about Greenvans

Our clients are always number one in our book. That’s why we work hard to ensure each and every customer who rents one of our passenger vans has an exceptional experience. 

Our numerous five-star reviews reflect the commitment we have to our clients. 

Guests appreciate the vans themselves:

“The van was amazing, being the most recent and newest Ford Transit model with the most up to date features, including car play for Apple and android. The renting van company was so easy to deal with. They allowed us to return the van on a public holiday and hence avoided paying for an extra day. On pickup, the van was sparkling clean. Their daily rates were lower than any of their competitors. Very friendly representative and worked with us to meet our needs. I HIGHLY recommend renting from them.” — Clement M.

They love our customer service:

“Where to begin?? I can NOT say enough about this amazing company! Customer service is superb! Damien, Dan and Harris are great guys. They went above and beyond our expectations to see that all our accommodations were met. The vehicles are new and run well.” — Chelle L.

They’re happy about the affordability:

“Awesome vans. I rent a lot of tour vans for bands and these are the best ones hands down. Best bang for your buck and hands down the most comfortable drive. The dashboard controls are techy but very easy to use! The stereo is great! The back up cam is incredible! You can parallel park anywhere. And they take normal gas instead of diesel! You don’t know how much money I saved compared to the last diesel-powered Sprinter van I rented. And the customer service is top notch. These people know what’s up. Shout out Green Vans!” — Garrett B.

These are just some of our excellent client reviews.

Where can I rent an 8-passenger van from Greenvans?

Rent an 8-passenger van from Greenvans at any of our six rental offices throughout the Northeast region of the United States. Since opening our first location in Providence, we’ve expanded all the way south to Richmond. 

Our physical locations are conveniently located in major cities along the Eastern seaboard, including:

  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Boston, Massachuetnets 
  • New York, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Richmond, Virginia

If you’re not located close to one of our offices, simply contact us and ask about custom location delivery options.

Interior view of rear of Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit 350 XLT with back two rows removed

Common questions about 8-seater van rentals

There are plenty of things to know when it comes to booking an 8-seater rental for your next trip. Here are a few of the most common questions we’ve been asked.

Can a minivan hold 8 people?

A minivan can hold 8 people, but it likely can’t hold 8 suitcases! Renting an 8-passenger van provides ample space for bags, camping gear, ski equipment, or whatever other objects you need to take along. 

Furthermore, an 8-person van rental offers more leg room and larger windows to soak in the beautiful scenery.

How many bags can an 8-passenger van hold?

An 8-passenger rental can hold at least 10 regular-sized suitcases along with a dozen backpacks. When packed efficiently, you may be able to fit more. Score!

Alternatively, it’s a great option for camping trips and skiing adventures, as most of your gear will fit easily in the back.

How many people does a Greenvans rental hold?

A Greenvans rental van can hold a maximum of 8 – 15 people, depending on the size van you rent. Our 8-passenger vans are comfortable for groups between 2 – 8 travelers.

What vehicle is best for a family of 8?

The best vehicle for a family of 8 is a 15-passenger rental van that can be converted into an 8- or 12-passenger van by removing the back rows. If you’re a family traveling with an exceptional amount of cargo, like campers or sports gear, we recommend the 8-passenger van. If not, a 12- or 15-passenger van offers plenty of space for passengers and their suitcases.

Traveling is better with Greenvans 

Comfort and convenience are key when planning the trip of your dreams. If you’re taking a day trip or a cross-country adventure, a spacious vehicle, on-call staff, and easy-to-reach rental offices will ease your mind and allow you to focus on the things that really matter — making memories with the ones you love!

Greenvans promises an easy booking process, a clean and well-maintained vehicle, and the most affordable prices around. You won’t regret renting a van with Greenvans, but you might regret it if you don’t!

Rent a spacious 8-passenger van with Greenvans — Get a quote now. 

Greenvans can also arrange for your passenger van rental to be delivered to you. Contact us for more information by email, phone (833) 640-8267 or via our website.


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