Lake Champlain in Vermont

Interesting fact: The U.S. has about 250 freshwater lakes with surface areas of 10 square miles or more.

That means if you’re looking for water, summer breezes and good times, you don’t have to head to the coast to find them. And if you want to make the most of a lake vacation, we highly recommend filling a 15-passenger with your closest friends and family—and making the journey as memorable as the destination.

Where should you go and why should you go there?

Here are a few ideas.

Beautiful clear lake water with visible rock formations

Lake Superior
Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin

If fishing’s on the agenda, look no further than America’s greatest Great Lake, fed by over 200 rivers and home to over 80 species of fish.

Trout, salmon, walleye, northern pike—they’re all here for the taking. How you take them may just be your biggest decision.

The sheer size and volume of Lake Superior opens the door to all kinds of fishing possibilities.

Want to cover as much ground as possible? Book a charter trip out of Duluth, Minnesota, Bayfield, Wisconsin, or any of the many charter hubs around the lake. Want to fish with a view? Cast your line from nearly 2,800 miles of stunning shoreline. Want to feel at one with nature? Test your skills on a kayak.

No matter what shape your fishing adventure takes, you’re in for the trip of a lifetime.

A moose emerges from Moosehead Lake at dusk

Moosehead Lake

Looking to truly leave civilization behind? Try Moosehead Lake, where moose outnumber people three to one.

Unspoiled wilderness, abundant wildlife, pristine beauty—you’ll find it all at the largest mountain lake in the eastern U.S. (117 square miles). And there’s no shortage of hiking trails to enjoy it all from, including a portion of the Appalachian Trail’s 100 Mile Wilderness.

For those seeking out an even Maine-ier Maine experience, book a stay in one of the state’s sporting camps. From off-the-grid outpost cabins to accommodations that include meal plans and WIFI, you can balance modern comforts and rustic feel as you see fit—and become part of a Maine tradition that dates back to the 1860s.

A distant view of Lake Champlain in Vermont

Lake Champlain
New York & Vermont

Consider yourself a history buff? This could be the lake getaway for you.

Lake Champlain’s history stretches back well over 400 years—from Native Americans and America’s early explorers to the Revolutionary War and beyond.

You can take a guided tour of the region’s architecture, explore a hamlet included in the National Register of Historic Places and step into the ruins of French and British war forts (Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point).

And when the academic in you is satisfied, there’s plenty for the adventurer in you to do.

The sixth largest freshwater lake in the U.S., Lake Champlain offers an incredible opportunity to boat, kayak, fish, bird and swim—all with a spectacular view of the bordering Adirondack Mountains.

There’s a lake for just about everyone out there. And once you find the one that’s right for you and your crew, be sure to rent a 15-passenger van to make every mile of the journey something to remember.

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