A Thrilling Whitewater Expedition Near Richmond, VA

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Rent a Passenger Van from Greenvans and Travel to the Ocoee River, TN

Do you want to go on an exciting and challenging whitewater rafting adventure with your friends? Are you in search of amazing white water rafting near Richmond, Virginia?

Look no further than a whitewater rafting trip to the Ocoee River in Tennessee. With a spacious 15 passenger van rental in Richmond from Greenvans, you’ll be able to accommodate your group. This journey promises heart-pounding excitement, breathtaking scenery, and lasting memories.

We’ll guide you through planning and executing the ultimate whitewater rafting adventure for you and your friends.

Experience the Thrills of Ocoee River’s Rapids

As you and your friends make the 8 hour drive from Richmond to Ocoee River in your 15 passenger van rental, the excitement and anticipation will build with each passing mile. The beautiful scenery and exciting rapids will make your journey as thrilling as the destination.

When you arrive at Ocoee River, the rapids’ scenery will blow your group away. As you travel along the river, your heart will race with excitement. You’ll experience drops, twists, and turns, and a feeling of intense accomplishment when you successfully navigate through challenging rapids.

On my whitewater rafting trip with friends, we formed strong bonds while exploring the rapids of Ocoee River. Our friendships grew stronger as we helped each other through challenges and celebrated our successful trips on the river.

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Explore the Whitewater Rafting Paradise of Ocoee River, Tennessee

Situated approximately 9 hours away from Richmond, Ocoee River in Tennessee is a world-renowned whitewater rafting destination. The river’s challenging rapids, diverse scenery, and stunning landscapes provide the perfect setting for an memorable group adventure.

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White Water Rafting Near Richmond, Virginia

Ocoee River offers multiple rafting options, catering to riders of all skill levels. Some of the most popular routes include:

Middle Ocoee: This 5-mile section of the river features Class III and IV rapids, making it the most popular and thrilling option for whitewater enthusiasts.

Upper Ocoee: With more technical Class IV and V rapids, this 4-mile section of the river is a more challenging but equally exhilarating option for experienced rafters.

Lower Ocoee: Designed for novice and intermediate rafters, this 6-mile section of the river offers a mix of Class I and II rapids, allowing beginners to build confidence and experience the thrill of whitewater rafting.

Local Eats and Must-See Stops Near Ocoee River

After a day of heart-pumping whitewater rafting, your group might be craving some delicious food and unique attractions to explore in the area. Check out these local favorites and excellent stops around Ocoee River that will appeal to your adventurous crew:


1. Buck Bald Brewing: This brewery and taproom, located in nearby Copperhill, Tennessee, offers a variety of craft beers, a cozy atmosphere, and outdoor seating with stunning mountain views.

2. Riverfront Cafe: Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Tennessee, this cafe offers a range of delicious menu items, including breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, and homemade desserts.

3. El Cazador Mexican Restaurant: This family-owned restaurant in Copperhill serves up authentic Mexican cuisine, including tacos, burritos, and fajitas, along with a variety of margaritas and cocktails.

Rent a 15 Passenger Van From Greenvans in Richmond to Make the Long Trip to Tennessee

A whitewater rafting adventure at Ocoee River in Tennessee is an unparalleled experience you and your friends will cherish for years. Renting a 15 passenger van in Richmond, Virginia, ensures a comfortable and convenient journey for your entire group.

With thorough planning, the right gear, and a spirit of adventure, your whitewater rafting expedition will be a resounding success. So gather your friends, rent that van, and embark on the experience of a lifetime!


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