5 tricks to making your Grand Circle road trip grander

Zion National Park Grand Circle

5 states. 10 national parks. 1 unforgettable ride.


Nothing compares to the Grand Circle. And with the right friends and the right vehicle (say, for example, a 15-passenger transit van), you’ll be set for the experience of a lifetime.

That said, not all experiences of a lifetime are created equal. And the difference between really great and truly unforgettable all comes down to what you plan—and how you plan it. Here are some tricks that could help you tip the scale.


Trick 1: Pitstops & Sleepovers

Most of us know that while destinations are key, journeys can be the highlight of any trip. So plan a route that makes yours spectacular. See friends, eat at fun places, take in the sights and make the most of it.


Trick 2: Flexibility & Spontaneity

Plans and itineraries are important. But don’t forget to build in time for the unexpected. Surrendering (at least a little) to spontaneity can make for some great memories—and help you accommodate everyone’s schedules and agendas without driving yourself nuts.


Trick 3: Vegas & How to do it right

Chances are, some friends will need to fly out to Vegas to join you. And chances are, you’ll be tempted to do some of the standard Vegas stuff. That’s totally fine. Just don’t miss out on some of the less touristy attractions.

Hike at Red Rock. Check out Bonnie Springs Ranch for some old-school cowboy vibes. Stop off at Area 51. There’s plenty to see and do beyond the Strip.


Trick 4: Accomodations & Transportation

Hotels can help you recharge. But camping is where it’s at. And with a 15-passenger van, you’ve got plenty of options—whether you have 15 passengers or not.

You’ll have plenty of space for tents, sleeping bags and other essentials. Plus, you can remove the back two rows to create an ideal spot for a queen-sized mattress that turns the van into its own little campsite.


Trick 5: Resources & Guides

The Great Grand Circle Road Trip is a well-documented one. Make sure to use all the info at your disposal to get the most out of the experience. Where to stay, what to bring, when to go—all the insight and advice you need is out there and online. Take advantage of it.


Plan it right, and your Grand Circle road trip will be one for the ages. Just make sure to travel in comfort—and style.

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