For Friends & Family

Getting out of the house. Going on an epic adventure. Exploring new culture, new foods, new experiences. There are hundreds (thousands?) of reasons to pack family or friends into a 15-passenger van and head out on the road.

Whatever yours are, we’ll make sure every mile is safe, comfortable and nothing short of amazing.

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A family of three inside a Greenvans rental with passengers looking out the window and taking pictures

For Youth Travel Teams

The travel teams industry gets bigger every year—and every year, we help more and more teams get to their games safely and comfortably. We know the competition is fierce, but we also know that team trips are a huge opportunity for kids to learn, grow and bond.

If your team’s hitting the road this season, let us give you one less thing to worry about.

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A sports team on the field wearing blue jerseys with white numbers

Four Touring Bands

Touring’s the reason we started Greenvans in the first place. We know a rental van does a lot more than get you from show to show. It’s a home away from home—a place to crash, a gear storage unit, even a makeshift practice space.

And no matter what else it is, we know it has to be affordable—and we’ll work with you to stretch your dollars as far as they can go.

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