15 Passenger Sprinter Van vs 15 Passenger Ford Transit Van Rental

Rows of new 15 passenger Transit Rental vans from Greenvans in Philadelphia.

Sprinter Van For Rent vs Transit Van For Rent

Picture this conversation:

You: “Hi I’d like to get a quote for a 15 passenger sprinter van rental for a Holiday weekend.”

Me: “Oh I’m sorry, we don’t carry Mercedes Sprinters, but we do carry Ford’s version of the Sprinter, which is called a Transit. Is that what you meant?

You: “Oh, yes! I saw the black Transit van on your website and I thought it was called a Sprinter. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! What’s the weekly price for a transit passenger van rental?”

This happens a lot…at least once a day.

It’s not surprising how easy it is to think that the sleek, shiny, brand new black passenger van  you saw on the road is a Mercedes Sprinter, not a Ford Transit. Maybe you noticed the Greenvans logo on the back of the van and called us, but didn’t catch the Ford badge. 

Not all tissues are Kleenex, not all photocopiers are Xerox, and not all passenger vans are Sprinters. 

Side view of two Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit 350 XLT rental vans with Greenvans logo.

We have so many customers that come to Greenvans looking for what they call a “Sprinter van” but they aren’t always looking for a Mercedes sprinter rental, specifically. 

What they’re looking for (and what you’re probably looking for right now), is a high quality vehicle that will get you and your group safely to where you need to go, at a great price, supported by an organization that you can trust and depend on.

There are plenty of important factors to consider when picking the right passenger van rental for your group and the type of trip that you’re taking, but I’d be willing to bet that the specific brand of the vehicle you’re driving isn’t at the top of your list.

Sprinter van rental vs Transit van rental

While Mercedes might be the definition when it comes to Luxury, Ford isn’t letting anybody down when it comes to quality and value. In fact, I’d say they’ve done a great job at redefining what a quality, affordable vehicle really is.

That’s why we have exclusively Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit XLT 350 vans in our Philadelphia van rental and Boston van rental fleets. We’ve driven just about every passenger van model on the road, and this is by far the best combination of quality and value on the market. In our humble opinion, of course. 

If you’re taking your family on a road trip to Florida this summer to get some much needed beach and pool time, the object of the game is to get there safely, efficiently, and within your budget. You need to rent a passenger van to fit everybody comfortably, and there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Value over Luxury

“The most important factor in your choice of van rental should be value.” We set our rental prices based on the value we provide for our customers, not simply our costs or what our competitors are charging. We believe that is an important distinction when it comes to the level of service you can expect from a company that actually cares about your overall experience, not just the manufacturer logo on the vehicle you’re driving.

Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit 350 XLT for rent with Greenvans.

Sure, the mercedes sprinters are great vehicles. They’re nice, they’re of course luxury van rentals, but they’re also expensive. They’re expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, and that means the rental prices for these vehicles can be quite a bit higher than Ford’s equivalent version of the Sprinter.

The rental fee you’ll pay for a Mercedes Sprinter van will be higher because of the overall cost of the vehicle, NOT because the value of the experience you’re getting and the company you’re renting from is better. 

Rent a 15-passenger van to make every mile of the journey something to remember.

Ford 15 Passenger Medium Roof Transit 350 XLT for rent with Greenvans.


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